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Data Networks

Home Networking

Can-Nor Electric offers complete network ecosystem solutions to meet your routing, switching, & WiFi needs.  We will provide you with end user management tools to help you manage your network more effectively. We apply the same principles to networking as with all other areas of our work.

It wasn’t all that long ago that most home devices didn’t need to be connected to the internet and home theater represented everything people aspired to in residential custom electronics. Today, however, the devices need connectivity for both in the home and office. As products continue to utilize IP technologies, the demand on residential and commercial network speed and reliability will only increase.

data network

With so many devices being used simultaneously in a home, it can be difficult for basic home networks to provide optimal performance. Whether you have only a  few devices, or your home is filled with devices and automation, Can-Nor Electric will ensure your home network is designed to meet your current connection needs with your future desires in mind. Network solutions have more options than rabbits have children. With multiple brands, and companies to choose from, home owners get lost trying to decide which choice is the best one for them. With so many options available on the market today, we can provide you with insight to narrow down the options available to suit your home network. Can-Nor Electric provides complete home connectivity which allows for automated smart home systems to be utilized throughout the home. Smart home network solutions allows for more unique  customization and control over your home. 

Today’s home needs to have a reliable network to keep up with the demands of a modern and interconnected world. Surprisingly, not all home networks provide enough connection strength to keep you seamlessly connected. As a result, many homeowners are left with poor wireless strength throughout their home. In today’s connected world, more people are acquiring many devices which heavily rely on a strong connections. Therefore, it is essential that users of today’s devices have a sturdy, resilient home network.